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31 Mar 2012 - 07:38:59 am

at the calm too pretty face

, Nothing ?To do what ?Su Lingfeng is now in a good mood ,looking at Su Yumin with her frightened face flushing ,idle ... ... ,sac louis vuitton, relationresult No ... ... Don ... ... Su Yumin did not answer Su Lingfeng ,just keep repeating this two words .
relationresult Oh .Su Lingfeng suddenly clear nodded ,then asked :you said ,no man ?Not a man ?relationresultSu Yumin is trying to use force against the spirit of efficacy ,but she knows ,she has already can .
relationresultShe stared in front of Su Lingfeng Su Lingfeng ,at the calm too pretty face ,sac louis vuitton homme,think this woman a devil !relationresultSu Lingfeng watched the bear very painful Su Yumin ,seemingly for her sake asked: you are now this is the case ,no man to help you solve ,will burst body to death ?relationresultSu Yumin ,green water master the viscera is very good,and the original ink ask the dust first met Su Lingfeng at that time, the operation in different kind of Mei ,Mei ,spiritual force powerful enough ,can be suppressed ,bubble water ,also on the right .
relationresultSu Yumin now in the strong spring -- medicine ,not the body of desire -- fire discouraged ,but be careful !relationresultSu Yumin heard Su Lingfeng, the original red face ,not by a little more bluish white color, and the agony and unwilling to look .
relationresultDon ... ... She doesn die !She didn !She is so young ... ... , relationresultSu Yumin tried to move the body ,let the body slid from the chair ,after struggling to climb to the feet ,Su Lingfeng ,grabbed Su Lingfeng skirt ,painful pleaded :ask you .
.. ... Have some mercy !Save me ,save me ... ... relationresultIf the time to find a more senior Lian pharmacists ,or senior Lian pharmacists refining Qingxin agent ,she would be saved .
.. ... , relationresult You ask me? Su Lingfeng look down from a height at the ground Su Yumin ,said casually .relationresult ,yes ... ... I ,I beg you ,I beg you ... ... Are ,is my fault ,sorry ,on the .
.. ... Save me ... ... relationresult Why should I help you ?Su Lingfeng cool asked .relationresult We ... ... It is also our sisters ... ... Please ... ... Please don so heartless .
.. ... Su Yumin tearfully says .relationresult Sisters? John ?Su Ling whispered with irony and said: Su Yumin ,by this time, you told me what the family card, to remind me, you just want me to do ?Remind me ,you are now the site look like ,should have I suffered the results ?relationresultSu Lingfeng does not like nonsense ,if press before her style of doing things ,not the same Su Yumin waste these slobber ,may directly to her a knife to solve ,or simply a man caboodle ,let her enjoy go .
relationresultBut now, she is with be in a leisurely and carefree mood ,stimulation of Su Yumin a few words ,see Su Yumin and remorse ,and fear ,and you enjoy.,and hatred ,and pain in the face ,Su Lingfeng felt very happy !relationresultShould say ,from Su Lingfeng through to the world, but never in the hands of Su Yumin, suffered a loss, to Su Lingfeng, Su Yumin even opponents are not as arrogant and envy ,is a rather ugly woman ,for she is totally unnecessary to hate this point .
relationresultMaybe ,she with the body ,was Su Yumin firm, some mental effects still remain in the body, thus affecting the Su Lingfeng .relationresultSu Yumin heard Su Lingfeng saying ,know oneself is wrong chess ,heart regret, but still did not give up the pleaded :.
.. ... Sorry. Forgive me ,i ... ... I dare not ... ... Save me ... ... relationresult Well, I can save you .Su Lingfeng Bryant said .relationresultSu Yumin Wenyan ,almond eyes ,suddenly a glimmer of hope for the flame of gas .
relationresultBut listen to Su Lingfeng continued: I man up to the point where ,as soon as the solution to your body endurance .relationresultTang Su Yumin widened ,with his lips trembling ,frightened ,incredible question : .
.. ... What. , relationresult Hear nothing ?Su Lingfeng lip hook up ,bend, stretch ,grabbed Su Yumin by the collar ,her up ,said: me no Lian pharmacists ,nor the solution you this drug antidote ,you don ,I can only give you find a man .
relationresult Don ... ... Don !I don !Take me back to home ,i ... ... I want to go back to home !relationresultMy father ,sac main louis vuitton,brother and grandfather ,never looked at her then lose all standing and reputation or explosive body died ,they will certainly try to save her !relationresult I have no choice .
Su Lingfeng face fell ,cold well channel .relationresultSu Yumin understood this ,Su Lingfeng ,wasn going to let her ... ... , relationresultNo. This idea is not her ,what ,she want to pay the price ?!It is Pei Yujie ,Pei Yujie is the woman ,her idea is the !She pulled her into the water !Is the woman killed her !relationresultThey mine .
The princess is triclosan ,which are designed by Pei Yujie ,sac louis vuitton pas cher!Su Yumin stared at the blood red eyes ,screaming : you want revenge ,should find that female talent for Pei Yujie ,she thought you robbed the man she loved ,she is the key to you, doesn !Please, please let me go .
.. ... relationresultSu Lingfeng made a mockery of the radian angle ,Amy Winehouse,said : ,you are innocent ?relationresultFor Su Yumin Pei Yujie it out ,Su Lingfeng is not a bit surprised ,she returned home also has for a long time ,although Su Yumin has been her uncomfortable ,but did not give any practical action ,but suddenly in this time to her work ,this is a afford much food for thought .
relationresultSu Yumin didn take Su Lingfeng ,although she felt very bad ,but she was also aware ,not his innocent !relationresult You put me, i ... ... I will tell you everything ... .
.. relationresultSu Lingfeng is very admire Su Yumin ,all the time ,in which no passive ,being at the mercy of the case, the girl still deal with her !relationresult Ni tell us your opinion ,see your information ,is worth in exchange for your life .
Su Lingfeng was not worried ,idle and said .relationresult Is ... ... Pei Yujie is sent to ... ... Come and look for me .Must ,have to work with me ... ... relationresultSu Yumin tried to resist the potency ,intermittent ,and very simple ,sacs louis vuitton,Pei Yujie and her deal with Su Lingfeng ,slow down again .
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