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31 Mar 2012 - 07:37:53 am

elder sister is a senior alchemist

Su Yumin did not care about Su Lingfeng and who ,himself said: I heard it dust HRH king ,but very handsome ,many girls are mad for him ,however ,is said to be ... ... His health was poor ,not practicing mump ,nor the spirit medium ,more cannot practice spirit of ,is really a pity .
.. ... relationresultSu Yumin ,envy ,jealousy ,and disdain ,she behaved most incisive contradictory psychology .relationresultCome to the point !Su Lingfeng patience will soon be gone ,the back of the phrase shoot ,almost unthinkingly .
relationresultSu Yumin saw Su Lingfeng face cold precipitation ,know that she is really impatient ,her heart is not willing ,to those like idle molars ,it has stimulated the words of Su Lingfeng being away .
relationresultToday she came looking for Su Lingfeng ,but business ... ... , relationresult sister have successfully get green bridge Lingwu college ,the Department ?Su Yumin suddenly change the topic ,asked .
relationresultSu Lingfeng well a sound ,also does not want to say one more word .relationresultSu Yumin asks this is nonsense ,she got the green bridge academy graduating verifying a thing ,Tory Burch,is not what secret ,Su family not have known for a long time, but she came back a few days ,estimated Sheng society have spread .
relationresult I heard the sister school ,is a high alchemist ?Su Yumin asked .relationresultGreen bridge the Lingwu College Department students ,as long as the repair to the intermediate alchemist ,you can get college diploma ,Su Lingfeng graduation had breakout senior alchemist level !relationresultSu Yumin always wants to be illogical, the Su Lingfeng home once waste ,talent to become so amazing ?!relationresultSu Lingfeng was well a sound ,frowned ,end up cup tea .
relationresultAsk or nonsense !relationresultSu Yumin saw Su Lingfeng side doesn talk to her, and my heart was very angry ,but still face pressing anger ,piled on a smirk ,asked :elder sister is a senior alchemist ,that must be a lot of refining the best equipment ?relationresultSu Lingfeng did not speak ,put down his cup ,a faint smile on one looking at Su Yumin .
relationresultSu Yumin Su Lingfeng look very uncomfortable ,sister why look at me so? relationresult Sister came to my purpose ,want me to help you refine equipment ?relationresultSu Yumin didn direct way of asking this question ,face some Shan Shan ,but was also relieved ,she is I don ,Su Lingfeng captured it, she wouldn go on and her circle .
relationresult Sister really wanted to please sister help refine a weapon .Su Yumin chin ,and a reluctant Su Lingfeng cheap way ,added: rest assured ,sac louis vuitton pas cher,I will not take my sister sister white arms ,how much of the money ,I pay is .
relationresultSu Yumin just pretend it, Su Lingfeng ,should feel shy really took her money ,earn his own sister saying to go out is not good ... ... , relationresultUnfortunately ,Su Lingfeng does not care about other people ,but not according to Su Yumin routine walk .
relationresult Yes ,I would like to work with people .Su Lingfeng business posture and said: m refining weapons ,are clearly marked ,green goods five hundred gold one thousand gold ,blue ,purple goods five thousand gold ,red one hundred thousand gold ,precious stones and the nuclear ,customers can provide for oneself,so once you see enough, also can be in this with the order, but here I am gem and magic nucleus ,prices are not cheap .
.. ... relationresultBehind Su Lingfeng ,small mouth small summer winter Qi Qi convulsions ,they miss really dare offer ... ... , relationresultBehind Su Yumin is always blink blink eyes ,she just heard? One hundred thousand gold coins ??!Always suspected his ear problem !relationresultSu Yumin Wenyan Shua just stand up ,stared, pointing to Su Lingfeng said :you !You it is scurvy !relationresultAre you kidding .
Green ,blue weapons will not say ,without any mosaic of purple goods weapons ,then gently smiled .,she dare collect five thousand coins ?!relationresultInitially her with ice accumulation spirit stones ,sac main louis vuitton,and a five order magic ice nucleation of ice source rod ,also do not sell the price ah !relationresultAlso use red weapon ,how dare she received one hundred thousand gold coins !God !She did not know how much ah one hundred thousand gold coins !relationresultEven if the red goods equipment is more rare ,is worth one hundred thousand gold coins !Or what is mosaic red weapon .
.. ... , relationresultSu Lingfeng smiled ,I how dangerous ?I refining equipment is the price ,the sale of this is I wish you love it ,you can not accept the price can not buy ,and I don rest your neck forcing you to buy .
relationresult You ... ... Home to all of your eyes out gold heap in the people ,even of their own money you are black !Su Yumin stared at Su Lingfeng ,snapped .relationresultSu Lingfeng was quiet ,neither fast nor slow said: here ,sisters ,also want to flat .
Moreover ,they have ,sac louis vuitton homme,you can what sister family .relationresultSu Yumin downs for a while ,suddenly said :I ask you ,then ,my ice source rod ,is it right? Are you steal ?!relationresultSteal ?Su Lingfeng smiled ,and simply nodded ,is my .
relationresult You are willing to admit .Su was a Su Lingfeng so a klepto lady ,it a shame, shame on you enough !relationresultNow Su Yumin is also something to use Su Lingfeng ,that she would not scold exports ,even hated Su Lingfeng ,also can be in mind scold .
relationresult This matter ,nothing is recognized .Su Lingfeng not take it seriously .relationresult Little things ?You stole the father gave my wand, which is trivial? !Su Yumin voice was sharp and lee .
relationresult What do you want ?Go and tell father ?Or tell the owner of the house sir? Or to preaches it,sacs louis vuitton, took the opportunity to destroy my reputation ?Su Lingfeng slowly .relationresultThis, tell Su Heng ,told Su Yuezhen ,they would ?Certainly not !Su Lingfeng is going to marry into the royal family ,the tube is not only the Su family disgrace,sac louis vuitton, also called Da Royal face .
relationresultGo out and others ,others will believe ?Hypothetically speaking, people will think that Su Yumin is jealous of Su Lingfeng than her good sister ,intentionally discredit her ,to her filthy water .
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