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31 Mar 2012 - 07:35:39 am

is not easy

Two of Su Yuezhen, brother Su Yue William and Su Yueyong quietly looked at each other ,fundus hidden smile ,big brother farce ,look really good ah !relationresultThere are many and Su Yuan ,Sue Zhanpeng falling-out people take pleasure in other people ,she takes on more natural to,also revealing look .
.. ... , relationresultSu Lingfeng will be all or sympathy or take pleasure in other people or angry look in the eyes, heart not by cold well,presented with simple, this is called the big family ,affection is dim, infighting, growing in such a family, is really sad pole !relationresultHowever there are many people to have such a strong family background as the honor, bumped his head also want to squeeze in ,really can not understand ,sacs louis vuitton!relationresultAt this time, watched the father ,brother or responsibility without talking Su Zhanfei suddenly steps forward ,said ,the grandfather of adults, children have something to say !relationresultSu Yuezhen saw Su Zhanfei ,the brow wrinkled by ,the two grandson ,although and his father have shield fault ,but the mind is still good ,not a rash person ,this time to stand out ,not to his father ,brother ?It may be too disappointed him !relationresultSu Yuezhen was thinking of this, on the mouth and said: what have you to say ?Said !relationresult five Sister good strength ,only in the green bridge Lingwu college just two years time ,have successfully graduated five grandchildren to leapfrog ,sister admire ,always looking for opportunities and five sisters from a ,today is the first saw five sister ,this should not make such a request ,but he now is some unable to hold oneself back ,please also grandfather adults do !relationresultSu Lingfeng heard Su Zhanfei ,the eyes not narrowed ,the two cousin to her interesting ,challenging ,but only to ask Su Yuezhen to do ,not ask her ?relationresultHe is never put her in the eye ?Or put on her psychological pressure? Or is she was not afraid to accept the challenge ,with Su Yuezhen pressed her? As long as Su Yuezhen agreed ,sac louis vuitton homme,she must fight him ?relationresultSu Lingfeng felt a bit funny ,she wants to sell the house ,the main adults say don !relationresultHowever.
The two cousin is obviously for his father and his brother came out ,read in his family have love ,she done him no harm ... ... , relationresultSu Yuezhen listened to Su Zhanfei not by thinking ,exhibition flying can be home the young generation in the leader ,last month, has just broken the spirit of seven soil series ,become show character generation ,in addition to blossom ,second division !relationresultOnly twenty-nine years old ,a limitless prospect .
.. ... , relationresultLet the exhibition flying with Su Lingfeng fight also appears to be good, although I heard the girl is also a master of the strong, but the same level of ELF and military to the war, is often the elf stronger ,if a fair fly defeated Su Lingfeng, also be the show no respect to elders and superiors ,sac main louis vuitton,arrogant girl a lesson .
( . Dukankan. Please remember that our web site to read the novel network have a look ) , relationresultIf a fair fly unfortunately lost in Su Lingfeng girl hand ,also never mind ,just let her those who are arrogant ,eyes on top of their heads of young people see ,what knowledge is infinite.
,someone outside the person ,or bowel them good practice ,more hard work !relationresultMoreover, he wants to see ,the green bridge Lingwu college teachers ,students become genius of geniuses girl ,what is the reason !relationresultHere Su Yuezhen turned to Su Lingfeng ,sac louis vuitton pas cher,but the surface will consult ,asked : Cold wind ,your two cousin so sincere ,you may be interested with your two cousin after a few strokes ?relationresult You can !Su Lingfeng gladly agreed .
relationresultHave lots of fun to watch ,hall and the all one ... ... , relationresult We moved to the combat field ,five sister ,please !Su Zhanfei punch Su Lingfeng made a please .relationresultSu Zhanfei surface on Su Lingfeng was polite enough ,but the eyes Yinhen color, but escaped the eyes of Su Lingfeng .
relationresultHowever ,Su Lingfeng felt that the two cousin ,Su Zhanfei ,is a calm person, after all, his father ,brother, because he was done ,he could now ,is not easy, but also of her surface to maintain the polite ,it is not easy .
relationresultRegardless of his actual strength how ,is mind ,at home should also be considered the number one ,however ,heat is also a point of difference .relationresult To combat field ,would not be .
Su Lingfeng Bryant said: just a few notes ,this hall and the courtyard ,is enough to do battle field .relationresultThan to the playground ?So much trouble ah !relationresultThe battle ,Su Lingfeng does not want to waste a lot of time ,be quick ,can play a deterrent role of Su family !relationresultSu Zhanfei Wenyan ,frowned ,five sister ,in the open space outside the competition hall ?relationresult It is !Su Lingfeng said .
relationresultThe girl is not put him in the eye, Su Zhanfei was very angry ,but did not attack ,took a deep breath ,calm mood ,said: it is not regular ,and the destructive force of the strong ,skills ,damage to the surrounding buildings and the environment is not good ?relationresultSu Lingfeng pulled out of the corner of his mouth ,a faint smile: we only siblings casually notes on several action only, need not then be poker-faced ?Fear of damage to the surrounding buildings and the environment ,we pay attention to is ,if you accidentally broken where ,believe that home is not bad the repair cost .
relationresultSu Lingfeng words ,let her brow wrinkled up everyone ,but no one open what .relationresultSu Yuezhen hates root itch ,glared at his three son Su Heng eye ,heart that this girl if I dare damaged home facilities ,sac louis vuitton,he let old the girl ,make a return to the blood !relationresultSu Heng came into contact with his father that the cold eyes ,secretly sigh ,he thought his life must be owed Su Lingfeng a daughter ,so this life ,she had come to him to pay me what he owed !relationresultSu Zhanfei saw his grandfather Su Yuezhen was not opposed to Su Lingfeng ,lips pursed her ,finally said : ,then according to the five sister ,please !relationresultSu Lingfeng and Su Zhanfei moved to the hall outside in the yard in the pit ,the Su family ,also have to follow to walk away .
relationresultSu Lingfeng and Su Zhanfei in the yard stands ,Su Yuezhen hand ,let to watch all standing in the hall door, no more forward .relationresultThere is no defense array ,two engineers, strong to the war,phosphorsacs louis vuitton, it is not a joke .
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