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31 Mar 2012 - 07:39:50 am

what happened today

These people ,is going to give her conviction ?Su Lingfeng angle up, and with a cynical laugh .: .relationresultShe remembered in the world, the network will have so a flock of people, some like onlookers ,but go away ,they always loved by their subjective consciousness to comment on ,or is inconclusive ,some people some things .
relationresultBe opinionated station in the most objective fair angle of view, but in fact ,their truth is not something !relationresultJust like these be filled with righteous indignation of the people ,they think they are the embodiment of justice ,he sent a slogan :we represent the moon to destroy you !The .
relationresultIn fact ,they are Pei Yujie when the gun so that a group of poor fool ... ... , relationresultSu Lingfeng stared in the face by sweep ,finally, stopped at Pei Yujie ,the corners of the mouth of the radian is greater .
relationresultThe woman ,in a palace seen ink ask the dust ,only a day were designed to deal with her plans ,and find Su Yumin in the league ,she in order to deal with her ,really is a resort to every conceivable means !relationresultJust do not know now this bite behavior ,is already in the Pei Yujie plan ?Her performance ?relationresultOf course ,this is not important ,Su Lingfeng just a little curious .
relationresultPei Yujie was Su Lingfeng chilly, and some express volumes eyes ,have felt very guilty .relationresultShe is forcibly hold their own mind ,trying not to show fear of emotions as well as any flaw ,spring 2012 Mens well groomed young man,glared at Su Lingfeng ,said :Su Lingfeng ,what happened today ,you do it really is too much !Miss Su eight experience makes us very distressed,sac louis vuitton homme, we will not cover up for you ,we will we see, tell Da royal family and home ,your own conduct oneself well !relationresult Yes ,we will Miss Su eight back !Duan Xiaolan stared at Su Lingfeng ,hate hate .
relationresultDuan Xiaolan and Su Yumin of course nothing profound friendship ,even because of family competition between ,making them the two age ,character is also proud young noble ,had secretly stronger for a long time .
relationresultSee Su Yumin now by the encounter ,Duan Xiaolan was actually there are some take pleasure in other people ,however ,if this matter and defeat Su Lingfeng this powerful rival, what is there against it ?relationresultOthers listen to Pei Yujie and Duan Xiaolan, are nodded .
relationresultTang Xuan did not speak, but look to Su Lingfeng ,full do not agree .relationresultSu Lingfeng smiled ,not with these people argue about ,she looks into the fright ,shivering five a, asked :you say ,is I hired you to ?relationresultThe lead bully to Su Lingfeng ,sac louis vuitton pas cher,my heart felt something was wrong, but he still nodded replied: of course is miss you, you are our employers .
relationresult Oh ?Su Lingfeng was unchanged ,sac louis vuitton,and said slowly :everyone, have a their own words and actions ,are you sure ,I hired you ?I see you at what time ?I give you the money? What did I tell you to talk about the deal ?relationresult This .
.. ... Of course, not to you personally ,two young lady ,miss you should be the maid ,One or two bright single goods,gave us a lot of money ,for two thousand gold coins !Talk about content is ... ... Namely. Here ,in the next yard ,hear sound after falling teacup ,us .
.. ... We will come ... ... On the inside ,the lady ... ... Like that ... ... Like that ... ... relationresult So to speak ,to hire you ,negotiate business with you ,give you the money, and not me ?You are to come in the house ,was the first time to see me ?relationresult Is .
.. ... Is ah ... ... The leading man forehead glistening with sweat ,sacs louis vuitton,he had a bad feeling, more strongly .relationresult Since you have not seen me before ,so why do you confirm ,I am your employer ?Su Lingfeng was neither fast nor slow .
relationresultThe lead bully Wenyan ,face by the white part ,some eager said: ,you don want to admit ?We are all for your life ,you will not want to kick down the ladder !relationresultThrough before Pei Yujie and others said ,this man has thought of lysol cold wind is who,sac main louis vuitton, she is the five Miss Su ,the right to marry King HRH Princess dust quasi !relationresultThe leading man ,no wonder before heard the name Su Lingfeng ,will feel familiar .
relationresultThen ,the back room that is them up to a woman ,is also the home of lady !relationresultGod !They got carried away ,even for two thousand gold coins ,will himself to sell !relationresultSue is absolutely not letting go of their family !If the subject is not guaranteed their princess ,they must be dead !relationresultSee now the quasi Princess attitude ,she is trying to give them up ,but what to do ,he doesn want to die .
.. ... , relationresultAt this time, Pei Yujie sneer said, Su Lingfeng ,if you don go to employ these dirty guy ,what does that prove? You are the five Miss Su ,Lingyun Duke Little Miss King HRH Princess dust ,quasi ,these things certainly don you do it yourself, fight for you people ,not less .
relationresultSu Lingfeng nodded ,and said quietly :you ,2012 spring ladies show only colours.The liberal movement wind profile coat,it doesn ,actually this to plan its loopholes appeared one after another. ,to investigate ,it should not be difficult ,I really wonder ,want to know in the exposure of the truth ,triclosan princess you arranged for their own what kind of route of retreat? Or is it just a head is not clear ,to think clearly when consequences ,the temerity to pay action? relationresult Su Lingfeng ,you .
.. ... What do you mean .I don what you are talking about !Pei Yujie slightly changed a bit ,but quickly returned to normal ,except that she is the opposite of Su Lingfeng ,others have found no changes in Pei Yujie .
relationresult Don ?I said that is straightforward .Su Lingfeng calm statement said: today ,the whole thing is ,triclosan princess you plotted, but this plan its loopholes appeared one after another.
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